Fence Charger Leadout Fence Wire 100' -

Fence Charger Lead-out Fence Wire 100' | Free USA Shipping

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  • $45.99

100' of Underground Electric Fence Lead Out Wire / Cable

It can be used underneath gates to maintain charge, as a lead-out wire, to connect fence wires in all live ground systems, and to connect the charger to the fence line.

Free USA Shipping 

  • Insulated with 12.5 gauge galvanized wire, this lead-out wire is versatile and durable.
  • With a 1-year warranty, this black 100’ roll comes with free USA shipping for added convenience.
  • It is recommended for running both hot and ground wires from the energizer to the fence and ground bed, making it suitable for various fencing applications.
  • The lead-out wire features a UV-stabilized sheath, 12.5 gauge soft steel wire, and is designed for direct burial.
  • For under gates or high-traffic areas, it is advised to run the lead-out wire through a plastic pipe.
  • Great for under gates and roadways too.


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