Quality Cyclops Replacement Parts

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CYCLOPS fence chargers prioritize using only the best, top-quality parts, as evident in the circuit boards displayed. These boards are specifically designed with lightning resistance in mind, featuring broader, thicker traces that are spaced farther apart. This intentional design helps to significantly reduce the occurrence of lightning-related failures.

electric fence charger parts form cyclops 


One fourth of the parts on the circuit boards are for lightning suppression. Our circuits are designed to prevent a chain reaction of parts failing, reducing repair costs significantly. The Output Transformer and Storage Capacitor are crucial components in a fence charger, determining its performance. The size and weight of the output transformer in CYCLOPS fence chargers showcase their quality and capacity.

 cyclops electric fence charger transformer parts


The CYCLOPS fence chargers are truly a heavy-duty transformer that can be felt when lifted. With more copper and steel than chargers twice its price, this transformer delivers increased power output to the fence while offering enhanced lightning resistance. It is constructed with heavy armored wire and features 11,000 V insulation between layers, as well as 8,000 V insulation on the lead wires.

cyclops electric fence capacitor energizer parts 


The storage capacitors used in all CYCLOPS electric fence chargers are top-of-the-line and are imported, making them one of the best available in the world. They serve as the storage tank for the powerful pulse that is transmitted to the fence through the heavy-duty transformer above. These capacitors are designed to be 50% stronger than their operating load, ensuring a longer lifespan and improved reliability.


 electric fence charger high voltage sign