Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cyclops chargers need added lighting protection? Absolutely not. Cyclops Fence Chargers have the best built in lighting protection in the world. While others are cost reducing and removing parts, we are still beefing up our chargers and adding parts if needed to improve the lightning protection. No other fence charger can withstand the wrath of God like ours. Each fence charger has at least 8000 Joules of lighting protection.
How many ground rods do I need? You need 1 ground rod plus 1 more for each 4 joules of output power. These ground rods needs to be 6 to 8 feet deep, and at least 10 feet apart.
Where can I purchase your products? Do you ship? You can order right here from our web site. We process the sale with PayPal and ship out by UPS ground or postal service. Please allow a few days for delivery.
Where can I get service? We do support our customers directly on repairs. Please click on returns and service for more info.
Will vegetation short Cyclops Fence Chargers out? Vegatation shouldn't be an issue with our chargers so long as your charger is properly sized.
Why doesn't my charger work? There are many reasons a charger may not work. Click here to view our trouble shooting schematic
Where are CYCLOPS fence energizers made? They are American made in Ashville, Alabama by Taylor Fence, Inc.

Which Cyclops Fence Charger do I need? Use our electric fence charger calculator to find the correct energizer you will need when installing electric fencing at your farm. Chick Here: TELL US ABOUT YOUR FENCE

Tell me more about Taylor Fence, Inc. Taylor Fence Inc. is a company dedicated to two things: 100% satisfaction and making the best fence chargers in the world. 100% Customer Satisfaction Making the best fence chargers in the world The company is family owned and operated, and has been under the stewartship of 3 generations of Taylors. The company as incorporated in 1998 by Donald Taylor. Don was retired and wanted some part time work to keep him challenged so he traveled a loop through the north part of Alabama each week and collected broken fence chargers from farm stores and repaired them and returned them the next week. He got experience repairing all types and brands for electric fence chargers. He noticed that the same type of failure was damaging all brands of electric fence chargers and thought , I can make a better fence charger.
He started in his basement and made one charger and sold it and made two more. His electronics training from the air force and his 30+ years experience in customer service for IBM gave him the background he needed to run a successful business. In 2008, Don retired and his son Mark Taylor bought the business. Mark is an electrical engineer who had 20 years experience working with Alabama Power . He developed an interest in electrons at an early age watching Don build projects at his workbench.
Mark has grown the business, and used his knowledge as an engineer to vastly improve the fence chargers transformers and lightning protection. Currently, Mark does engineering design of the Cyclops Fence Charger line, and works to make their chargers more efficient and effective.