Lapp Single Hole Energy Free Waterer + Ships Free!


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18" W x 19" H x 28" L and is 45 Lbs
Water Capacity - 8 Gallons
Supply for approx. 35 Dairy Cattle,50 Beef Cattle,30 Horses,300 Sheep

The Lapp Waterer is a very popular livestock drinker and we sell many each month. The 2008 model is a great product from Valley Farm Supply. We have the best price and fast shipping to your farm or ranch.

  • The Lapp 2008 model is a one hole energy free drinker.
  • it uses ground heat to keep the water supply from freezing and to keep drinking water cool in summer.
  • It is designed for cattle, horses and sheep.
  • It waterers 35 dairy cows, 50 beef cattle, 30 horses, or 300 sheep.
  • Made in New Holland, PA by Amish craftsmen using strong and durable materials and parts.
  • Well designed for long life and easy worry free operation.
  • It is one of the best designed water systems on the market, and features an adjustable float mechanism.
  • Uses a thermal cap and works better than ball fountains, much easier for animals to use.
  • Ideal for small farms or lots.
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions and parts warranty.
  • Attractive dark green color.
  • Free FEDEX shipping in the USA to the lower 48 states.
  • *Extra shipping charges required for Alaska and Hawaii 

Proven dependability since 1984!

The Energy Free Livestock Drinker is without a doubt the most rugged and dependable livestock drinker on the market.  First Introduced in 1984, there are hundreds of drinkers 25+ years old in use today.

The drinking baffle and insulated thermacap design of this product ensure that it remains functional even in extremely cold temperatures, as low as -20°F below zero, without the need for gas or electricity. Made from strong polyethylene, rust is not an issue with this drinker. Its round corners enhance durability and safety for animals of all sizes. The combination of the drinking baffle and underground air temperature helps prevent freezing, even with minimal animal usage. With a non-corrosive water valve and proper insulation with high-density urethane foam, this drinker is suitable for extreme cold climates without wasting water. Proper installation, including an adequate heat well, is crucial, especially for outdoor setups. And for added peace of mind, an electric line can be installed alongside the water line as a precaution.

1. Pour concrete slab on top of ground – minimum 24” wide x 33” long x 4” thick. In the off center of concrete slab leave a hole 10” x 10” to bring underground water line up through.

2. For best results – use a 10-14" diameter plastic, or corrugated, pipe. (Pipe should be 18” below bottom
frost line), leave this hole open for water line and air space.
NOTE: Do not allow concrete to be in contact with water supply line.

3. Insulate around pipe with Reflectix unfaced reflective roll insulation, or equivalent. This will keep the cold and frost from getting under drinker, having 45-48F., underground air temperature rising into drinker year round keeps drinker from freezing in winter and cooler on hot summer days.

4. Fasten ‘L’ brackets to drinker with short bolts in four (4) corners.

5. Set drinker on concrete slab – drill 3/8” holes for brackets into concrete slab. Before fastening drinker to slab, put a layer of silicone caulk on ALL surfaces inside and out that contact concrete slab.

Very Important: Seal with heavy bead of silicone caulk all around top of underground hole, and around outside of drinker to seal out cold.

6. Install 3/4" plastic pipe coming to drinker, leave approximately 10” of pipe sticking out from the top of your concrete base.

Option: Use a 12” to 14” PVC Drain Pipe underground instead of insulated box: Purchase 1/2" Arm-a-Flex (closed cell foam) from your local plumber and glue to inside of pipe, leaving 3/4" sticking out of the top for a sealing gasket.

Do not use any steel pipe.
Do not allow concrete or pipe to be in contact with water supply line.
Pipe clamps & caulking not included.



Buy your Lapp 2008 energy free livestock drinker / waterer for us today! Thank You!

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