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2.5 Joules - low impedance electric fence charger / energizer / fencer. Very high power output with Fence Load Detector.  Lightning resistant with built in Heavy Duty Surge Suppressor. Operates from Solar - 12V/DC Battery current. Needs 1 - six to eight foot ground rods.

*Check Manufacturer Mile Ratings and Power Here: Which Charger

ORDER HERE! Kit comes with everything you need to get started, except 12V deep cycle marine battery. Easy to assemble and set up.

Each Solar Box is handmade. Please allow 1-3 weeks delivery time.

1. Cyclops STALLION Electric Fence Charger /Energizer. A reliable and powerful energizer at 2.5 output joules of power. A low impedance, 2.5 Joule, Solar Fence Charger. The low impedance means it will maintain a controlling voltage even loaded with heavy vegetation. Very high power output.

All Cyclops Electric Fence Chargers have more lightning protection than any other chargers made.

  • Built-in Fence Load Detector.
  • Built-in lightning resistant with built in Heavy Duty Surge Suppressor.
  • Operates on 12V/DC Battery current.
  • Needs 1 - six to eight foot ground rod.
  • Proudly American Made.
  • One year warranty. Extended Warranty available too.
  • FREE USA SHIPPING ONLY to the lower states, Alaska or Hawaii extra, Sorry to large to ship outside of USA

    These are made to order. Please allow approximately 1-2 weeks for shipping. Longer lead times during fence season.


2.5 Joules

Ground Rods Needed


Input Fuse

1 Amp

Output Fuse

1 Amp


2. 40,- Watt Pasture Combo Shock Box. Heavy duty weather proof enclosure for Battery powered energizer and battery. 40,- watt panel and regulator included.

Photos are not accurate for this model.

  • 40,- Watt Pasture Combo Shock Box.
  • Heavy duty weatherproof enclosure for battery powered energizer and battery.
  • Battery not included
  • 40,- watt panel and regulator included.
  • Made of weatherproof composite material.
  • Mounts easily to a 4×4 post.
  • Exterior on/off switch
  • Latch secures interior components
  • Box Measures 26″ x 11″ x 21″ plus panel

Don’t let technology leave you behind. Solar energy is going to be a big part of the future, and we have incorporated this technology into our product line. We sell ‘solar setups’ for our DC/Battery line. If you use a DC/Battery powered charger, you understand that the battery will deplete itself over time. Our solar setups will keep the battery charged, and keep your fence functional.

    Stallion Battery powered Cyclops electric fence charger  

    Cyclops SUPER SOLAR KIT 

    Cyclops SUPER SOLAR KIT 

       stallion cyclops electric fence charger sun solar powered

       free shipping of cyclops electric fence chargers     

      cyclops Stallion Battery solar fence charger kit

      Cyclops STALLION Solar Electric Fence Charger. 

        Warning: California residents click for Proposition 65 warning

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