Cyclops MASTER Electric Fence Charger | Energizer

Cyclops MASTER Electric Fence Charger. A powerful energizer at 20 output joules of power. Available in Plug-in/ AC Powered Model Only.

 master of puppets electric fence charger by cyclops

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This low impedance, 20 Joule Cyclops charger is designed to maintain a controlling voltage even when dealing with heavy vegetation. It boasts a very high power output and offers more lightning protection than any other chargers on the market.

Equipped with a built-in Fence Load Detector and Heavy Duty Surge Suppressor, this charger operates on 110-120V/AC current and requires 6 Ground Rods.

Proudly American Made, it comes with a one-year warranty with an option for an extended warranty.

FREE USA SHIPPING! (Alaska or Hawaii extra)


Output 20 Joules
Ground Rods Needed 6
Input Fuse 1/2 Amp
Output Fuse 2 Amp
Current Draw/Power Usage:
  • 278.57 KWH/Year (no load)
  • 383.69 KWH/Year (fully loaded)
Projected Power Cost @ 7 cents per KWH:
  • $19.50 a year with no load
  • $26.86 a year fully loaded


Cyclops Master Electric Fence Energizer


Cyclops Master Electric Fence Energizer
Cyclops MASTER Electric Fence Energizers
Cyclops MASTER Electric Fence Charger
Cyclops MASTER Electric Fence Charger.