Cyclops Electric Fence Charger Lightning Protection

The lightning protection components (M.O.V.'s) used in all CYCLOPS fence chargers are able to bypass 4500 Amps around the fence charger to ground. There are 8 of these parts on the output board protecting the fence side and 4 more on the power board protecting from hits on the power line. These parts operate during a lightning strike and then restore, ready for the next hit. Although these parts cannot prevent all lightning damage, they can operate thousands of times preventing many failures that would knock out chargers without this protection.

Another part of our protection that is very important is our warranty.  All CYCLOPS fence chargers have a full one year warranty on parts and labor that includes failures caused by lightning. An optional extended warranty for up to four more years is also available. 


cyclops electric fence energizer fence charger


Lightning Protection:
  • Best Lightning Protection in the World.
  • Exculsive Custom Designed Surge Protection Board
  • Over 5000 joules of Lightning Protection in each Fence Charger!

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