Cyclops HERO Electric Fence Charger | Energizer

Cyclops HERO Electric Fence Charger. Available the Plug-in/ AC Powered Model, the 12V Battery Model, or Solar Powered. A popular energizer at 1.5 output joules of power.


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This energizer boasts a powerful 1.5 output joules for small farms, providing a low impedance that can handle heavy vegetation while maintaining a controlling voltage. Cyclops chargers offer superior lightning protection and come equipped with a Fence Load Detector and Heavy Duty Surge Suppressor.

Proudly American Made with a one-year warranty and the option for an extended warranty. Just make sure to use 1 or more Ground Rods for optimal performance.

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Output 1.5 Joules
Ground Rods Needed 1
Input Fuse 1/2 Amp
Output Fuse 1 Amp


Cyclops HERO Electric Fence Energizer.

cyclops Hero  Battery powered Electric Fence charger

Cyclop Hero Solar powered Electric Fence Charger energizer

Cyclops HERO Electric Fence Energizer


Plug-in/AC Powered Model Current Draw/Power Usage:

  • 76.73 KWH/Year
Projected Power Cost @ 7 cents per KWH:
  • $5.37/Year
12 Volt Battery Model Current Draw/Power Usage:
  • 76.73 Kw/Year
Projected Battery Life (12 Volt 100 Amp Battery):
  • 40-60 Days, Depending on fence variables and conditions.
Cyclops HERO Solar Powered Electric Fence Charger. A great Solar powered electric fence energizer for smaller farms with .75 output joules of power. Operates on internal Battery charged by a Solar Panel.
  • Take Advantage of Technology
  • Keep the battery charged all of the time
  • Save time and money
  • Easy to install setup
Cyclops Solar Powered Electric fence Charger.
Cyclops Solar Powered Electric fence Charger
.Cyclops Solar Powered Electric fence Charger.
Cyclops Solar Powered Electric fence Charger.