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CYCLOPS are the best  fence chargers your money can buy, including the best lightning protection in the world!


Valley Farm Supply was established in 2004 as a source for quality farm supplies.  We offer Electric fence products to professional farmers, ranchers as well as hobby farmers. Valley Farm Supply is one of the largest Cyclops dealers in the U.S.A. , which means we can pass along savings to you!

Valley Farm Supply is a direct source for your livestock weighing, watering, and electric fence needs. We also handle other brands of electric fence chargers, solar fence chargers. battery fence chargers,  energizers, cattle scales, miraco cattle waterers, wire, netting, fence insulators, hardware, poliwire, politape, hi tensile wire, wildlife fence, horse fence, gates, electric fence tools, strainers, polirope, equibraid, reels, fence testers, grounding parts,  solar panels, fencing materials, seed, equine items and farm supplies. Visit our entire product catalog at

Please ask if we can supply your farm or ranch with the things you need to be successful. We are the place to find electric fence chargers for sale. Please order online 24/7. Call us at 717-786-0368, M-F 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time, or email us at for help or advice. 

We ship our products Worldwide and offer FREE USA SHIPPING! (Alaska or Hawaii extra)  

Cyclops Electric Fence Charger. Cyclops Electric Fence Charger.