Cyclops CHAMP Electric Fence Charger | Energizer

Cyclops CHAMP Electric Fence Charger. Available the Plug-in/ AC Powered Model, the 12V Battery Model, or 12V Battery Solar Shock Box Set-up. A popular energizer at 5 output joules of power.

cyclops champ fence charger

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The Energizer in discussion, famous for its 5 output joules of power, is a perfect fit for most mid-sized farms. It promises low impedance, ensuring a steady voltage even under the burden of heavy vegetation.
All chargers from Cyclops stand out for their unparalleled lightning protection, outclassing every other charger available. With an in-built Fence Load Detector and a robust Surge Suppressor, they offer enhanced safety features. The requirement of 2 ground rods for installation is a testament to its robust design.
As an emblem of American craftsmanship, this product comes with a one-year warranty, showcasing our confidence in its quality and longevity.

Extended Warranty available too. FREE USA SHIPPING! (Alaska or Hawaii extra)


Output 5 Joules
Ground Rods Needed 2
Input Fuse 1/2 Amp
Output Fuse 1.5 Amp
Current Draw/Power Usage:
  • 157.55 KWH/Year
Projected Power Cost @ 7 cents per KWH:
  • $11.04/Year


Cyclops CHAMP Electric Fence Energizer
Cyclops CHAMP Electric Fence Charger
Cyclops CHAMP Electric Fence Energizer
Cyclops CHAMP Electric Fence Energizer.