Cyclops BOSS Electric Fence Charger | Energizer

Cyclops BOSS Electric Fence Charger. Our most powerful energizer at 32 output joules of power. Available in Plug-in/ AC Powered Model Only.

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The Cyclops charger stands out for its low impedance and high power output of 32 Joules. This feature ensures a consistent controlling voltage, even in environments heavily populated with vegetation. It surpasses all other chargers in terms of lightning protection, thanks to its built-in Fence Load Detector and Heavy Duty Surge Suppressor.

Running on 110-120V/AC current, this charger requires 6 Ground Rods for optimum performance. Made with pride in America, it comes with a one-year warranty and offers the possibility of extending this warranty.

This robust and efficient charger is an exceptional choice for those requiring a reliable and powerful solution.

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Output 32 Joules
Ground Rods Needed 6
Input Fuse 3/4 Amp
Output Fuse 2 Amp
Current Draw/Power Usage:
  • 303.8 KWH/Year (no load)
  • 446.76 KWH/Year (fully loaded)
Projected Power Cost @ 7 cents per KWH:
  • $21.27 a year with no load
  • $31.27 a year fully loaded


Cyclops BOSS Electric Fence Charger

Cyclops BOSS
Cyclops BOSS Electric Fence Charger
Cyclops BOSS Electric Fence Charger. Our most powerful energizer at 32 output joules of power.