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3 Rod - Complete Electric Fence Ground Rod Kit

Contains three 6' tall galvanized rods, heavy-duty clamps and 50' of 12 gauge galvanized wire for the best electric fence ground system.

  • Good for areas with dry conditions and low conductive soils.
  • Designed for For All Hot or Hot/Ground Systems
The installation of a grounding system for an electric fence is crucial for its efficient operation. This particular system contains three 6-foot tall galvanized rods, heavy-duty clamps, and 50 feet of 12 gauge galvanized wire. It is designed for areas with dry conditions and low conductive soils, suitable for all hot or hot/ground systems. The weight of the system is 14 lbs, and it comes with a 1-year warranty under product code A655.
To ensure maximum efficiency, it is recommended to install a minimum of 3 to 5-foot tall ground rods spaced 10 feet apart. Ground rods collect the voltage as it passes through the fence, into the animal, through the earth, and back to the fence charger, completing the circuit. Proper grounding is essential for the animal to feel the correct amount of power and for the system to work effectively.
The installation process involves digging a trench 4 to 6 inches deep and 20 feet long within 20 feet of the fence charger. Ground rods are driven into the ground at each end of the trench and one in the middle. The galvanized wire is then attached to the rods using brass acorn ground clamps and laid in the trench. The wire is connected to the negative or ground post of the fence charger, while high voltage shielded wire is used for the positive post to the fence.
Support posts should also be installed at gate ends, corners, changes in elevation, and spans exceeding 825 feet to hold tension. It is recommended to use pressure-treated posts set at least 3 feet in the ground with concrete. Additionally, if there is a risk of animals coming into contact with the ground rods, burying a coffee can over the top can help prevent injury.
Overall, proper installation and maintenance of the grounding system are essential for the efficient operation of the electric fence system.
Electric Fence Ground Rod Kit Details:

Weight: 14 lbs
Warranty: 1 Year
Product Code: A655



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