Why Cyclops Fencers are the best in lightning storms

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Better lightning protection from cyclops electric fence chargers.

Today we received in a lightning damaged solar fencer that we built for a customer last fall. This was on a 4 wire high tensile fence. The top (hot) and bottom (ground) wires were melted in two, and the third wire showed heat damage that took off the galvanized coating on the wire. As you can see the damage externally to the fencer looks pretty bad. Upon opening it I figured we would have to replace at minimum, the MOV/lightning protection board and possibly the motherboard as well. After all was done, all we had to replace was the fuse holder and a fuse. This is why I personally like the Cyclops brand of fencers. Had this not of had the external fuse protection like most fencers today, we would have had to replace the MOV board for sure at minimum. They are really well made and have the lightning protection needed. That $5 the farmer gets to spend is pretty small compared to what it could have been. The battery, solar panel, and charge controller all were spared as well. I credit a lot of this to a great ground system, central point grounding of our box to the fence ground, and a well built fencer. Don't hesitate to call us with any fencer needs, lightning protection questions, or how to install a ground system the correct way. Check out our lightning protection product as well, so you hopefully don't have to deal with this picture, down the road.

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