Types of fence chargers

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Electric Fence Chargers are purposely built to generate electric current that flows through fence wires. There are different types, models, and brands of fence chargers, but they can be categorized into 3 the following categories based on their power source:

  • AC (alternating current) powered fencers,
  • DC (Direct-current) powered fencers;
  • and Solar-powered fencers.

AC powered fencers 110-volts or 220-volts of AC power, and they can power 200 miles of electric fence wire; and this makes it suitable for permanent fence systems.

However, some farms are located in areas where linking up to the grid is difficult. In other words installing an AC-powered fence system isn’t practical.

Even so, such off-grid farms have 2 options to choose from; DC-powered fencers or solar-powered fencers. A DC-powered fencer system is a standard DC battery as both the power source as well as a store of electric energy.

This means that the battery needs to be recharged first before being used to power an electric fence.

Likewise, the duration that the battery can power the fence is determined by the total length of electric fence wire, with a longer wire length indicating a shorter battery life.

Still, the efficiency of a DC-powered fencer system can be greatly improved by connecting it to a solar charger which ensures that the battery is charged during the day when there is sunlight while the solar energy directly powers the electric fence.

During the night, the energy stored in the battery is used to power the electric fence. This type of fencer is called a solar-powered fencer system.

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