Tips on Installing Electric Fence

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People installing electric fences often make the

mistake of pulling the wire too tight. Pulling the

wire tight requires big corner posts and braces that

are overkill for one-wire and two-wire fences.

Only tighten wires enough to take most of the sag

out of them.

Along woodlands where trees or branches

might fall on fences, it is a good idea to include

tension springs to add some “give” to the fences.

Consider using tension springs where deer traffic

is heavy. Springs could prevent some damages to

fences and also save the inconvenience of having

livestock escape before the damaged fences are discovered

and repaired. Also, by driving posts on

alternate sides of the wire, only one insulator will

likely be damaged if a deer runs into the wire.

Spacing for posts and stays may vary from 40

to 150 feet, depending on the terrain. The posts

need to be closer on steep or uneven terrain.With

spacing at 150 feet, install stays to maintain the

proper wire height. The stays can be small fiberglass

posts, three-eighths-inch diameter or larger,

placed about 50 feet apart.

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