The best 6 electric fence chargers for cattle

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There are many brands of electric fence energizer’s sold in the United States today. Most of these brands of fence chargers are made by a handful of companies from outside of the United States.
these companies understand the livestock fencing market, and know that most of the livestock grown in the United States, is from hobby farms, or smaller farms, where the owner works at a job in town.

Because of the demographics of farmers and ranchers of the size, most of the electric fence, manufactures gear to smaller and less powerful energizers. The quality of these energizers has dramatically decreased over the past few decades. Long ago, an electric fence charger would last a decade or more. Today they are almost disposable and some cannot even be serviced and are meant to be throwaway items. 

However, there is one electric fence, energizer manufacturer  based in Alabama. This US based company is a family owned business called Taylor Fence. They manufacture the cyclops brand of electric fence charger. This USA made Energizer is solid and built to last, breaking the molds of these cheap imported fencers. 
Cyclops electric fence chargers are available in several models and power options. You can choose from 110 V AC power, 12 V battery power, or solar powered energizers. These are proudly made in Alabama and come with a one-year manufactures warranty. An extended warranty is available on a year-by-year basis, if needed. 

The most powerful electric fence charger for cattle is The Boss. The cyclops boss punches out 32 J of power and operates on 110 V current. This jaw dropping, powerfully unit is one of the most popular ones for large farms and extended fence.

At 20 J of power we have the cyclops master. It is also operated with 110 V current and built for larger farms and has the capacity to energize the toughest fences around.

The cyclops super is one of our most popular models rated at 12 J of power. This unit can operate on either 110 V current, a 12 V DC battery, or we even offer a solar powered option for this model. It’s got the power to keep cattle in your fences

The cyclops brute electric fence energizer kicks out 8 J of stored power. The brute is like its name… It’s tough and works hard. The brute cyclops energizer is available in several power options. 110 V AC, 12 V battery, or a solar powered unit that we sell on our website.

The cyclops champ Energizer is rated at 5 J of power. This is a great and powerful unit for a smaller farm. It is available in AC, DC, or solar powered options. The champ is an awesome energizer.

lastly, the cyclops stallion energizer is rated at 2.5 J of power. It’s ideal for smaller farms, but still wasps punch and keeps livestock cattle and horses contained and safe. It’s availble in 110 V AC current, 12 V battery, current, or solar power options. 

The cyclops fence charger is ideally the best brand of fence charger to control cattle. These are American made and easy to service. They are priced well, and ideally, you could actually operate two or more for the price of some of the fancy New Zealand import energizers.

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 Cyclops, electric fence, chargers are superior, priced, right, and durable enough to hand them to your children. Contact us today for more information about cyclops energizers at


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