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Here are some safety considerations to follow

when installing electric fencing:

1. Only connect one energizer to a fence;

2. Under unusual fault conditions electric

fences can produce sparks. Therefore, keep

fences away from combustible materials.When

droughts and other conditions create a high risk

of wildfires, operate energizers on low power if

they are equipped with that option, or simply

turn energizers off.

3. Grounds for energizers should be at least 65

feet from utility grounding fields;

4. Avoid running fences parallel to power lines,

and try to install fences so that they cross

power lines at right angles. If you can’t avoid

parallel electric fences and power lines, offset

the fences at least 30 feet from the power lines,

and make sure the top fence wires are no more

than six feet high.

5. Do not attach fence wires to utility poles.

6. Landowners are responsible for preventing

audible interference with telephone lines.

Therefore, try to avoid installing electric

fences under telephone wires, and minimize

the distance that electric fence wires run parallel

to underground telephone cables.

7. Keep electric fences as far away from radio

antennas as possible.

8. Don’t touch fences with your head or mouth.

People with pacemakers or other heart problems

also should consult their doctors before

working with or near electric fences. No

humans or animals have died from electric,

grazing-system fences without becoming

entangled in them. However, some precautions

are necessary.

9. Never use barbed wire for electric fence wire

because people or animals could more easily

become entangled in it.

10. Post warning signs at least every 300 feet

where the public has access to electric fences,

such as along roads.

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