Making an excellent portable fencing system

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Intensively managed grazing of pastures can greatly improve the land’s yield and quality.

The basic idea is to concentrate the animals in a small enough area so they will harvest everything quickly, even the less tasty growth.

Then move the animals to other small areas and let the eaten areas replenish without animal disturbance. After waiting for the proper maturity of the desired plants, the area is grazed again. Organic fertilizer (manure) is evenly distributed with no effort. Higher gains come from the pasture because the plants have time to recover and animals can be fed better. The need for expensive machinery and material inputs are reduced, allowing profits to jump. To do this much animal moving, the fencing must be effective and easy to use. A quick system is to open and shut gates to a permanently divided pasture, but most people do not have enough permanent divisional fences. A setup with long narrow pastures allows twine to be put up across the narrow width rather quickly. The most simple and economical way to increase the number of pastures is to use portable fences. Electric twine, fiberglass rods, plastic step-in posts, rewind reels, and portable energizers work together to make an excellent portable fencing system.

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