Electric Fence for a zoo or an animal sanctuary

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Today we had a sizable order for electric fence chargers and fencing components for a primate zoo facility in Texas. Its to keep in several non human species of primates.  It was for Born Free. Please visit there website to donate and to learn more about apes, other animals, and what they do. www.bornfreeusa.org and http://www.bornfreeusa.org/sanctuary/ The Sanctuary provides nonhuman primates as high a quality of life as they can, with as little human interference as needed to maintain their proper care. The 186-acre sanctuary, located near San Antonio, Texas, is home to more than 600 individuals, many of whom were rescued from abusive or exploitative situations. Olive Baboon The sanctuary recognizes the importance of social companionship, group living, space and an enriching environment to meet as best we can the physiological, social, behavioral, and psychological needs of its residents. The focus of animal care at the sanctuary is to provide conditions in which the captive populations of macaques, baboons, and vervets are allowed to live out the remainder of their lives with extensive freedom of movement, choice of food, and choice of companions, in accordance with their social nature. They aim to provide a lifelong, high standard of care without being needlessly intrusive. The Primate Sanctuary is unique in the quality of life that the majority of residents experience, living in free-ranging groups in natural enclosures of several acres. Photo of Vervet In order to allow the residents the maximum amount of privacy and minimal human interference, the sanctuary is not open to the public. You can be part of our effort to give these rescued individuals a second chance at a more normal life through our Sanctuary Adoption Program. You can also take action and support Born Free USA campaigns on behalf of captive nonhuman primates across the globe. Contact the Sanctuary at primates@bornfreeusa.org. Hamadryas Baboons

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