Cyclops brute fence charger reviews

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Are you looking for a reliable and powerful electric fence charger for your property? Look no further than the Cyclops Brute Electric Fence Charger! With an output of 8 Joules, this low impedance energizer is designed to provide maximum power to your electric fence.

What sets the Cyclops Brute apart?

The Cyclops Brute Electric Fence Charger stands out from the competition with its very high power output. This means that it can effectively power a larger fence, providing the security and containment you need for your livestock or property.

What features does it offer?

Not only does the Cyclops Brute offer high power output, but it also comes equipped with a Fence Load Detector. This feature ensures that your fence is operating at optimal levels, providing consistent and reliable performance.

Additionally, the Cyclops Brute is lightning resistant and includes a built-in Heavy Duty Surge Suppressor. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your electric fence charger is protected from power surges and lightning strikes.

What are the power requirements?

The Cyclops Brute operates from a 12V/DC battery current, making it versatile and easy to set up. It requires 3 - six to eight foot ground rods to ensure proper grounding and optimal performance.

Don't settle for a subpar electric fence charger. Order the Cyclops Brute Electric Fence Charger today and experience the power and reliability it has to offer!

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