Cyclops BOSS Electric Fence Charger | Cyclops Super Battery Powered Fencers

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Wow, Today we sold 2 Cyclops Boss and 1 Super battery Electric Fence Chargers to a new customer. Its a large ranch and we informed them of the pending price increase. The really like the fact that we helped them out. The Boss is an energizer with 32 output joules of power. It is made for larger operations and operated from 110-120 volt current. It has a 1 year warranty and an extended warranty is available for each year on. Its a great Value at $698.95. Price will increase this year, so If your interested, please order today. The Cyclops Super, is a Battery powered unit. Its powerful and made for long life. We ship to customers all over the world, and USA customer get free shipping for Cyclops Fence Chargers. Remember us when your looking for electric fence for your farm.

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