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Taylor Fence Cyclops Review

Sometimes your needs may exceed what is normal. Generally, five to ten joules of output power is more than enough to detract would be predators, pests, or aggressive livestock from testing an electric fence more than once. However, there are always those instances when “enough” simply is not good enough. In this case, you need something that will not only deliver a wallop of a shock but leave the offending animal a little reminder to remember you by.

That is where Taylor Fence’s Cyclops comes into play. With a 32-joule energy output, this is by far the most powerful electric fence charger on our list. In fact, it is almost more than five times as powerful as the next closest competitor. Of course, all of that power comes at a fairly steep price, and the Cyclops is not only the most expensive product we reviewed but the most expensive nearly three times over. Still, a cost to power ratio definitely places it in a value-rich category.

However, when you are dealing with an animal that does not respect even a significant shock, sometimes you need to step your game up a notch. With 32 joules of energy, even a wild boar in a berserker rage will be brought to their knees.

Of course, if you do not require that kind of power, Taylor Fence also offers a number of other joule outputs. In fact, this brand offers the widest range of power outputs out of any on our list – though it should be noted that the least powerful Taylor Fence charger is still 1.5 joules.

However, this is a bit of an old-school system in design. For one, this is the only electric fence charger we reviewed that still requires fuses. Aside from the fact that replacing the fuses can be inconvenient, this can actually also lead to instances where your fence line is not charged.

While this might not be much of an issue for livestock who often come to respect the boundary of the fenceline whether it is charged or not – after receiving a jolt – predators could be a bit more persistent.

Cyclops Boss vs Potato


  • Produces the most joules on our list
  • Comes in a range of joule systems
  • 30 miles of coverage is pretty good
  • Best lightning protection on our list
  • The most expensive fence charger on our list
  • Does not run on a GFCI circuit
  • Fuse system will need to be replaced

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