Benefits of using an Cyclops Electric Fence Charger.

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The Cyclops Electric fence charger brand is a very popular American made product. One of the best ones and most selling models is the Cyclops Champ energizer. The champ comes into versions. An 110 V AC model which plugs into a wall outlet or a 12 V battery unit. If your unit needs to be in a remote location. Cyclops also has Solar power conversion kits which are available from

 Cyclops Champ

The Champ has a power rating of five output jewels. Which makes it a very strong model for farms and ranches up to 50 acres. This model is also known as a low impedance fence Energizer. Low impedance means that as the load increases on your fence, such as shorts wet grass we’re down tree branches, the power will remain steady as it compensates for the power loss.


The Cyclops Champ comes with a one year factory warranty. A year to year extended warranty is available from the manufacture. This model is a very affordable product built to last and American-made. Order your Cyclops Champ electric fence charger from for the best price and fast free shipping.

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